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Typical Day

What to expect on your retreat.

From nutritious and delicious meals, fireside foot soaks, energising pilates, countryside strolls, inspiring cookery demos, mindfulness, massages and more. We like to think we've got everything covered for you to UNWIND. Everything is optional and timings are a guide.

Meals & Snacks

Will I be hungry? ... NO!

All of your meals, snacks and refreshments are included in your stay. The menus are written for each retreat to ensure they are nutritionally balanced and suit all dietary requirements which are lovingly prepared by Ellen and Beth. This is certainly not a starvation retreat! Ellen's beliefs are getting people to eat food as nature intended. Focusing on good quality, locally sourced meat, fish, pulses and vegetables. Along with decadent desserts to show you that healthy eating doesn't have to be boring.

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